How To Tips

All of us at Fenton River Veterinary Hospital strive to make being a pet owner more stress free and enjoyable. Below is a list of “How To Tips” that may help you raise a happy and healthy pet.

How to Address Increased Vocalization Barking

How to Administer and Handle Insulin

How to Administer Ear Medications

How to Administer Eye Medications

How to Administer Oral Medications

How to Administer Subcutaneous Fluids

How to Apply a Cream or Ointment to the Skin

How to Assemble and Use an Elizabethan Collar

How to Assist a Pet That Is Unable to Rise and Walk

How to Assist and Not Assist During Normal Birthing

How to Assist During a Cesarean Section C-section

How to Bandage a Lacerated Footpad or Torn Dewclaw

How to Bathe a Dog or Cat Using Medicated Shampoo

How to Brush a Pets Teeth

How to Care for a Dog After Heartworm Adulticide Treatment

How to Care for a Dog in a CartWheelie

How to Change a Pets Diet

How to Change the Environment for a Pet That Is Blind

How to Change the Environment for a Pet That Is Deaf

How to Clean a Pets Ears

How to Clean a Skunk Scent from a Pet

How to Collect a Fecal Sample

How to Collect a Mucosal Swab for DNA Analysis

How to Collect a Urine Sample

How to Count Respirations and Monitor Respiratory Effort

How to Deal With Incessant Coughing

How to Deal With Severe Self-Inflicted Skin Erosions

How to Effectively Induce Weight Loss in a Dog or Cat

How to Handle a Dog or Cat That Is Aggressive

How to Induce Vomiting

How to Introduce a New Cat to a Home With Cats

How to Introduce Pets to a New Baby

How to Manage a Pet That Is Having Seizures

How to Manage Acute Gastrointestinal Upset at Home

How to Monitor a Surgical Incision During Healing

How to Monitor Anesthetic Recovery Postoperatively Once Home

How to Monitor Blood Glucose Levels at Home

How to Perform Range of Motion Exercises

How to Prevent Licking or Chewing at the Skin

How to Provide Bandage Care and Upkeep at Home

How to Provide Elevated Feedings

How to Provide General Postoperative Care at Home

How to Provide Home Respiratory Therapy Humidification

How to Puppy-Proof a Home

How to Reduce Inappropriate Elimination by Litter Box

How to Remove a Tick

How to Shave Hair Mats Safely

How to Stop Bleeding From a Laceration or Wound

How to Syringe-Feed Tube-Feed or Bottle-Feed a Pet

How to Take a Pets Temperature

How to Use and Care for an Indwelling Feeding Tube