Fenton River Veterinary Hospital recommends that all pets be microchipped.

A microchip is a rice-size, nonreactive computer chip that has been programmed with a unique identification number. It is a permanent form of identification that, unlike tags and collars, cannot be removed, lost, broken or stolen. Veterinarians and shelter personnel routinely scan lost dogs and cats for microchips, meaning that the chances of being reunited with a lost microchipped pet are high.

We can inject the microchip during your pet’s wellness exam. This is a simple, painless process. Once the microchip has been placed, you register your contact information — and the pet’s description — with the database specific to that brand of microchip.  Some pet owners prefer to have the microchip placed during routine anesthetic procedures, such as a dental cleaning or routine surgery such as spay or neuter.

Call us today to have your precious pet microchipped.