Thermal Imaging

Pet Thermal Imaging at Fenton River Veterinary Hospital

Digital Thermal Imaging can be a crucial  visual tool in helping diagnose inflammation or lack of circulation and its exact location in the animals body. Digatherm is a valuable tool used as an adjunct with diagnostic procedures.

Veterinary patients do not seek medical attention themselves. An animal is most often presented to the veterinarian as a result of symptoms observed by an owner or caretaker. The veterinarian’s responsibility is to then evaluate and treat the animal as accurately as possible. Diagnostic evaluation is often aided by immediate visual cues.

The Benefits of Digital Thermal Imaging in Veterinary Medicine:

  • A visual physiological map of the area being examined.
  • Provides a precise area for examination and a visual of inflammation or lack of circulation. Eliminating the guesswork.
  • Mapping of the thermal gradients through thermography has the ability to visually illustrate neural irritation or dysfunction.
  • Quick, easy, and can lead to quicker diagnoses with improved patient visual.