Lameness Exams

Equine Lameness Exams at Fenton River Veterinary Hospital

Equine lameness issues can affect any horse at any age. Lameness can range in degree from being very subtle involving only one leg to involving multiple legs and rendering the horse recumbent and unable to stand. Early recognition and diagnosis/treatment can play a significant role in the final outcome and success in returning the horse to soundness.

Our equine veterinarians have the experience and equipment needed to give you and your horse the most experienced lameness exam possible. We perform equine lameness exams on-farm or in-field, where your horse is most comfortable. Our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art mobile units have the latest equipment, enabling us to diagnose lameness problems quickly and accurately.

We use many techniques and procedures to diagnose and treat lameness in horses. During a lameness exam, we start with a thorough history and physical examination. We also have one of the most cutting edge diagnostics for lameness exams. The Lameness Locator System is a computerized system that takes measurements as your horse moves. This system measures differences in strides as small as a millimeter. Diagnostic nerve blocks can be used to help localize the source of the pain or discomfort, and diagnostic imaging (radiography, ultrasound, bone scanning, and MRI) can be utilized to pinpoint the problem and help with a practical, effective treatment and long-term prognosis.

All of us at Fenton River Veterinary Hospital are committed to helping you and your horse through lameness issues. We have the ability and expertise to treat your horse’s unique issue and tailor a diagnostic and treatment plan to return your horse’s soundness as quickly as possible.