Foreign Body Friday: Bodi’s Story

Foreign Body Friday Episode 1: Bodi's Story

Foreign Body Friday Episode 1

Bodi is a sweet, 7 month-old American Pit Bull Terrier who presented to Dr. Schlecker for acute onset of vomiting and pain. Now, Bodi has 5 young human siblings at home, so he has plenty of opportunities to get into mischief. Based on his history and exam findings, an x-ray was ordered.

We immediately found significant gas distention of the small intestine and multiple visible foreign bodies. Dr. Scott Morey performed emergency surgery and during the exploratory we found a single gastric (stomach) foreign body along with an obstructive foreign body in the small intestines.

A gastrotomy revealed a Mickey Mouse shaped object which was too large to move any further in his GI tract. The stomach was then closed and flushed and the intestine was then exteriorized and an enterotomy was performed revealing a very unique “duck unicorn”! The intestines were closed, flushed and Bodi was treated medically following the surgery.

He recovered well and we hope learned his lesson on what not to eat!

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Fenton River Surgical Procedures

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